The Great Equalizer

The issue of inclusion or mainstreaming in the American classroom today is the topic of this article utilized as a source by a recent student in my class.   Is education still the “great equalizer”?  If not, why not? From the abstract:

“There is no compelling evidence that placement rather than instruction is the critical factor in student academic or social success. Further, studies have indicated that typical practice in general education is substantially different from practice in the model programs that showed greatest success for students with disabilities. The interventions that were effective in improving academic outcomes for students with disabilities required a considerable investment of resources, including time and effort, as well as extensive support for teachers. The research does not support full-time inclusion for all students with disabilities. On the contrary, it appears that there is a clear need for special education. At the same time, given adequate resources, schools should be able to assist more students to be more successful in general education settings”  (Hocutt. A.  Anne. Effectiveness of Special Education: Is Placement the Critical Factor? ).

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