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There are vast changes in the world of research, including Open Access, and this site is designed to analyze and discuss some of these changes.  There is a lot of excitement and positive news if you seek it out, but without specific values and a commitment to a meaningful philosophy of life the Tower of Babel is the best analogy.   I teach a required Charter Oak State College course, IDS 101 Cornerstone Seminar (click here for syllabus) and have been a professional writer/editor/publicist/instructor in academia and the corporate world for more than 37 years. I used to run speakers bureaus.  I’ve had many different jobs in academia, industry, journalism, even blue collar and healthcare sectors.  

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The world of research is exploding thanks to the Internet and collaboration and synthesis.  All of this is very hopeful, though of course there are other issues in our society that seem to negate the hope.  How do we find balance and the media res? As H.G. Wells once said, “History is a race between education and catastrophe.” In any case, this site is the place for meaningful & exciting dialogue on a wide variety of topics, but NOT related to selling consumer products or nostrums please or marketing of any kind (except scholarly writing)!   I like reading Scientific American because so much of this is hopeful.  See their list of topic areas! Pick an article for discussion and create a post heading for review in the Science section on my blog.  These were the Top 10 for 2014

Here is a chart about the most popular research in different media. Fascinating don’t you think?  Have you signed up for Google+ for example?  Be sure to click on “Detailed Rankings” for an interactive version.

As I often tell my students “there are no boring topics, just boring questions.”