Reading and the Internet

Books are still vital, though certainly some information is more suitable and easily read online than others.  In the U.S. “…traditional socio-economic differences persist when looking at how students use their time online, and they continue to have a strong impact on performance in reading. Indeed in all countries, advantaged students are significantly more likely to use their time on line to read news or obtain practical information. To benefit from online information about education, health or financial services and improve one’s personal situation, having sufficient basic skills in reading is perhaps more important than easy access to the Internet.”  OECDPISA-2012-students-computers-us

  • Another recent piece relating to reading, writing!  By Natalie Wexler, Quote: “It’s no secret that many Americans are lousy writers. Just ask any college professor or employer. With the advent of email, writing ability has become more important than ever, and writing deficiencies have become increasingly apparent. Surely one reason that so many Americans lack writing skills is that, for decades, most U.S. schools haven’t taught them. In 2011, a nationwide test found that only 24 percent of students in eighth and 12th grades were proficient in writing, and just 3 percent were advanced. If students get writing assignments at all, they’re usually of the ‘write about how you feel’ variety. There’s value to that kind of exercise, but it doesn’t provide kids with the tools they need to write analytically…”
  • Hartford Courant Article

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