This is the logo from one of my colleges, Fordham. There are a wide variety of topics, including education reform, that are suitable here.   This can range from the latest push for more Early Childhood programs to the value of the liberal arts at every level of school and college.  I presented some ideas on epistemology at the colloquium at Naugatuck Valley Community College, April 22, 2016,  on The Role of the Liberal Arts in Higher Education and Democracy.   The topic was “A Practical Strategy for Epistemological Engagement of Non-Traditional Learners in an Intensive, Required, Online Writing and College Research Class.” Without an organized body of accepted knowledge for humanity how can we ever work together effectively to manage our futures?  This doesn’t mean it is exclusive, or can’t change, but we need a common starting point for the common good of humanity.   The spread of relativism just leads to conflict and Orwellian revisionism, and when combined with overconsumption and waste is worrisome.  FLYER

Here is the presentation with links built into it by way of a bibliography but I am going to continue to work on it including a shorter and longer version.  NVCCPresentation

Links alone Links

There are a number of sources I am using or will use, including writing by Neil Postman, Brian Swimme and the following, herein per permission of the author: Darlaston-Jones_19(1)

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