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This site is a place to share and/or explore scholarly  research on a wide variety of topics, and perhaps explain findings to the general public in terms of the issues and values that are important for our future and the common good. I don’t think the subscription function works so this contact form seems best.  You can also   Register here, then  send me a scholarly/ meaningful comment at rwalker@collegeresearchsharing.com to be sure to get in.  In any case you must comment tentatively on something on the site, or suggest a topic or something so I know you’re not spam.   There is also a contact form at my general WordPress site College Research Sharing.  This is also the name of my group on LinkedIn. All posts and comments are reviewed before publication.  No sales or marketing of consumer product or services of any kind  here or event promotions, please.

I have a profile at Networking for Professionals and in LinkedIn. This site is a work in progress as an extension of my long career as a professional writer/editor/publicist, and my work at all online Charter Oak State College where I started as one of the pilot faculty six years ago teaching a required course in college research and writing.  COSC is the second most highly rated college in America for returning adults (Forbes article). In addition to the pages here, for more examples of scholarship sharing see a student self-publishing venture by Prof David Stoloff .  Also Digication with one sample locale at Norwalk CC.  Appears to use a Google app.  All very exciting.

If you’re serious you might also contemplate & investigate the world of publishing here if you’re an author or wannabe. This can be a good place to explore and test promotion and readability of your work. An abstract can be helpful in this regard, or an excerpt, chapter, synopsis, draft syllabus. The goal is to work together to generate responses tapping into social media, primarily LinkedIn, and build a case for your publication!

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5 thoughts on “About Us & Signing Up”

  1. Hi, This website looks excellent. I like the way you set up the tabs. Also, the pictures add an element of nature! This will prove to be very useful for students and emerging writers! I have to go find those short stories and submit them! Great job!

    1. Thanks Christina! The world of publishing is now on steroids and we have to make sense of it! I enjoy helping budding writers, as well as those who, shall we say, are more mature! I’ll give you permission to be an author and you can explore that on the site. Fun!

  2. Well, Rick, I’m here. I took a quick tour through Linked-In. I was surprised how many names I recognized — and how many of those are old friends or family! What exactly is the purpose of joining Linked-In?


    1. Hi Bob, I think most people are networking for jobs, but I use it for dialogue, with my group on College Research Sharing. I’ll invite you into it. Publishing these days necessitates the use of social media not only after publishing but before. I’m interested in exploring ways to link info and ideas in stories, books, memoirs, etc. to generate real dialogue and go beyond the surface of the text. It’s a Brave New World of publishing! So far, I don’t have anything on my site http://www.emanationspress.com but that may change. It isn’t a WordPress site like this one.

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